Main Reasons to Choose Soy Wax Over Paraffin Wax

If you haven’t had the chance to try burning  soy wax instead of traditional paraffin, you could be missing out on a host of benefits for your nose, your wallet, and your health. In fact, burning soy wax in a wax melt or candle form is a much better option than traditional paraffin for many reasons. Find out why below!

1. Soy wax is natural

Derived from the soybean, soy wax is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that turns to a solid at room temperature. After they are harvested, the beans are cleaned, cracked, dehulled, and rolled into flakes. Soy wax contains nothing artificial, which makes it a better alternative to old-fashioned paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum oil and produces harmful by-products when burned or melted. Soy wax is non-toxic making it better both for the environment and your health! 

Soy wax candles

2. Soy candles have a more potent heady fragrance throw than paraffin wax candles

Soy wax candles have a stronger scent than paraffin wax candles because no soot or toxins are released into the air. Chemicals released from paraffin wax can disrupt the scent when burned and negate the point at which the candle is lit.

Soy wax candles

3. Soy wax candles have a longer burn time than paraffin

Soy wax is denser than paraffin, so it requires more energy to melt.
As a result, soy candles tend to burn more slowly than paraffin candles, allowing you to enjoy burning longer.

Paraffin wax's crystalline structure also gives it a higher melting point, which means that to keep the candle lit, it requires more heat, which affects the life of the candle. Soy wax candles have a lower melting point, so they burn longer.

Soy wax candles

4. Soy wax burns cleaner & Environmentally friendly

Because soy wax is made of all natural materials, it is thought that it delivers a cleaner burn that petroleum derived paraffin wax. It’s common to hear people complain of headaches when paraffin candles burn, but in general, this isn’t due to the scent of the wax but rather the chemicals it releases into the air.

Since soy wax is made from soybeans, it is friendly to the environment because soybeans are a renewable source. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, which is not a renewable resource. This is especially important if you are pregnant, have kids, or have pets, because it’s the safest option health-wise. You want to avoid wax blends or candles that don’t state the exact breakdown of ingredients.

Unlike Paraffin Wax, Soy Wax is Derived From a Renewable Resource. 

paraffin candles
From delivering stronger scents to being healthier to burn, there are many reasons to use soy wax melts and candles instead of paraffin ones.
If you would like to experience the benefits of soy wax yourself, be sure to visit our Shop.

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