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It's time to know how it all began…

It all started in December 2020. The smell of the freshly brewed coffee was all over the room. I lit one of the scented candles in my cabinet as I sat on the sofa and surrendered to the scent of vanilla and coffee beans. I zoned out with my thoughts into hope, love and peace.

When you disconnect from reality you open your mind and soul to new horizons, slowly the thoughts start creeping in and wondering what if I begin to create my own combinations of aromas? and how can I find the perfect combinations that would be perfect for others? What if I find out the answers to these questions by letting my own emotions lead me into creating something unique, elegant, sophisticated. A handful of wax, a jar, and a wick that will tell a magical story every time it is burnt. 

All of a sudden, what came as a thought was slowly taking the shape of a purpose.  And that’s when I knew I was ready to embark on a fantastic journey fueled by passion, love and determination, and create a product that will reflect your own emotions. All I have to do is to trust the process. I was determined to create something that will reflect my own evolution and I was looking forward to sharing its beauty with the world. I had my own doubts, frustrations, fear of failure and hours of trying without seeing progress, but I knew I was stronger than that. In that moment I decided to use all the setbacks as the foundation of my own success and just like that Sophisticated Spirit was born. 

Think sensual, elegant and delicate blends that can give different aromas, each telling a unique story. Surround yourself with our mysterious and sensual scents to let your sophisticated spirit free to feel love, calm and inner peace. Let it feel powerful and fierce.

Embark with me on this tremendous journey and tell the world your story with one of our Sophisticated Spirit candles.